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Tio . @tio,

My Pixel 4a got an upgrade to Android 14. But not from Google who dropped support for this phone recently, but from @calyxos ! Imagine that. Huge kudos to the Calyx team and a big middle finger to Google by making humans buy new phones every year and rendering the old phones obsolete just because of no software updates.

In a trade-based society all humans care is about their trade advantages. Fuck Google with their Pixel 8 software support till 2030. That's a marketing nonsense. They should be ashamed for even releasing yet another phone that's exactly like the previous one, and making their old phones obsolete by refusing to push updates to them.

A few months in and I love CalyxOS. Everything works great. My phone is ads and trackers free. A true trade-free OS for the phone :).

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